6 Technical SEO Tricks To Crush Joomla SEO

Crush Joomla SEO With My Advance Technical SEO Tricks

Over 2 million sites use Joomla, one of the world’s most popular content management systems. Our award-winning Joomla SEO services will take your website to the next level.

What Is Joomla?

Joomla is a content management system (CMS) used to create websites and other digital content. Among the most popular CMS platforms, it’s second only to WordPress in terms of users and websites. It’s a powerful platform that offers a large degree of creativity, but it isn’t initially SEO friendly. Our Joomla SEO experts will revise your website to improve the overall quality and ranking.

Here's What You Can Expect In Your Joomla SEO Approach

Having over 6 years of combined Joomla experience, our experts know what to look for in a website that needs further work. When you work with us, we’ll address the following aspects of your Joomla SEO strategy:


Our Joomla SEO experts will look into an ideal hosting server for your Joomla website that’s fast, secure and reliable. Remember that Google does not like slow websites.


It’s always difficult to find the right keywords to target. They are either very very competitive. Or they don’t have any traffic. How do you find the right middle ground? We’ll determine that for you.

Search Friendly Links

We’ll implement a dedicated SEF component for your site to generate SEO friendly links that can be useful for not only ranking but internal diagnostics.


Categories are important for ranking – reinforcing your current structure; we will implement additional settings to make your overall site faster, and easier for indexing.

Sitemap Management

To keep your content more organized, you’ll need a good sitemap. Our experts will implement a rigid structure and keep it current.


We will optimize your Robots.txt file to allow for easier indexing of your Joomla site’s images.

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Our Team Of Joomla SEO Experts

Hridoy Chowdhury know Joomla and Joomla SEO well.

Using proven strategies that included keywords, indexing, and sitemaps, we’ve ranked multiple websites in the past, greatly improving our clients’ rankings.

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bhuiyan Ezaz
bhuiyan Ezaz
Hridoy Chowdhory is really amazing SEO experts.His teaching strategies is awesome.I am his students. I learned SEO from him perfectly.
Abu Shahin
Abu Shahin
Hridoy Chowdury is a Great Man and Best SEO mentor in Bangladesh. Many many love and best wishes for him.
Mujammil Hoque
Mujammil Hoque
Hridoy Chowdhury is the best seo expert in Bangladesh. Love you vai
Moshiur Rahman
Moshiur Rahman
Best SEO expert and the most intelligent mentor in Bangladesh. Where you will get everything needed on your website, his Ranking method and plan is different from other SEO service providers. If you are interested in SEO, there is no need to know anything because he knows your need and solve as accordingly as you face practically in the life of SEO journey.
Afroja jannat
Afroja jannat
Undoubtedly, Hridoy Chowdhury is one of the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh. He is very experienced with his service. Recommending him for the best result on Google ranking.
Abir Hossen Roni
Abir Hossen Roni
Really you are one of the best SEO EXPART in all over the word.Specially in Bangladesh.Love you .

Some Of Our Clients

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How to do SEO for Joomla website?

A Joomla SEO expert may advise you to make the following adjustments to work on your SEO in addition to the normal changes needed to maintain and improve your SEO. It is imperative that your URLs are SEO friendly, your files are named correctly, and much more. When it comes to Joomla SEO, it is always a good idea to hire a company.

What is Joomla SEO?

Joomla SEO refers to taking your Joomla site and making changes to help improve its overall performance and position in search results. Joomla SEO agencies analyze your Joomla site and advise you on changes that need to be made. We can help guide you to SEO success for your business as Joomla SEO experts.

I need backlinks for my Joomla site. Where can I get them?

Your Joomla site can gain backlinks in a variety of ways – you can use forum signatures or banners with text links embedded. You can even buy them; however, this carries risk since it violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

How can browser caching help my Joomla SEO?

Browser caching refers to the browser’s ability to store data required by the internet browser to load site pages. By carefully handling how your site tells browsers to store files to aid in the reloading of pages, this not only improves site speed but resource management.

I got a good Joomla SEO ranking. How can I keep it?

Maintain your position in search engine ranking for a long time by using SEO-optimized information and great backlinks. As much information as possible should be included in your site’s back-links. Make sure people get enough information when they visit your pages and search engines can easily find your primary keywords if you cannot update it.

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What are some advantages to Joomla?

There are several advantages to Joomla, including:

  • better user management
  • flexibility in displaying non-standard content
  • built-in multilingual support.

What is JCE Editor?

Joomla Content Editor is abbreviated as JCE. The Joomla Content Editor (JCE) extends the default Joomla content management features and provides many additional features.

Hridoy Chowdhury offers Joomla SEO Service with Advance strategy

Joomla SEO FAQs

Joomla is good for search engine optimization. It ranks well in comparison with other CMS platforms. Joomla sites require some of the most care initially to ensure everything is properly set up. Therefore, hiring a Joomla SEO agency will help you maintain and achieve great rankings when setting up your Joomla site.

Users can define and place their metatags, customize the URL, and decide how their page is displayed. Additionally, there are extensions that can aid your SEO efforts.
We are confident that we can help you achieve rank 1 with Hridoy Chowdhury’s SEO for Joomla websites

Sh404SEF and ArtioJoomSEF are two of the most popular plugins that can boost your SEO.

Among its many useful features are URL management, support for Google News, and more.

Similar to Sh404, ArtioJoomSEF offers 301 redirects, 404 custom pages and integrates easily with Google Analytics.

A Joomla SEO expert may recommend you make adjustments in addition to the typical changes required to maintain and improve your SEO. Making sure your URLs are SEO-friendly, your files are named correctly, and much more is important. Bringing in some Joomla consultants is always a good idea. In order to achieve high rankings with Joomla, you need expert care from the start.

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A great way to improve your SEO is to index your Joomla website. A sitemap is necessary for this.

Sitemaps are simply XML files that list all the links on your site.

You must submit your sitemap and website to Google after creating them; this will allow them to crawl for your content faster in the future.

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