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Reach A Global Audience Easily And Effectively With International SEO And Multi-Language SEO

Global companies that provide products or services must have a strong digital presence and visibility.

Hridoy Chowdhury is the global SEO expertise you need to provide the best possible experience for all your international customers, clients, and target audiences, no matter where they are located.

By using our experience and proprietary International SEO London methodology, we help businesses rank their websites for the languages, regions, and counties they need to rank well for to corner each market they are targeting and become a truly global brand.

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We'll Design & Implement A Killer International SEO Ranking Strategy

Our International SEO services are based on our technical SEO expertise and the insights of our globally distributed team. We determine and evaluate your global growth goals, then design and implement an effective international SEO strategy tailored to YOUR brand.

Relevant Keywords Only

Hridoy Chowdhury understands that translating keywords is not enough when providing content in different languages. During keyword research, we take into account the natural language preferences and local idioms of the target population to make sure it's tailored to suit them without sounding artificial.

Technical SEO

Our team of technical SEO experts will conduct an audit to determine what issues your website has, and ensure that it is optimized to rank highly in international search engines as well as provide the best possible user experience.

Site Structure Audit

Our team will assist you with international website structure planning. Our team has perfected the art of proper site structure; it is a crucial element of successful global SEO performance, and it often goes unnoticed.

A Focus On Relevant International Link Building

Links are important to search engines, but only if they are relevant. We assure you that our expert team will build links that are relevant to each page's intent; French links for your French pages, Spanish links for your Spanish pages, etc., which is exactly what Google wants!

Extensive International Competitor Analysis

It's our goal to help you identify other companies that export into your target markets and are looking to go global as well as the local competition. Your business will be able to identify the right niche and target audiences if you do this.

International On-Page SEO

We'll conduct a thorough on-page review of your international pages to make sure that the content and imagery have been adapted to appeal to your international audiences. All pages will adhere to the privacy and security standards in the country that you are targeting.

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bhuiyan Ezaz
bhuiyan Ezaz
Hridoy Chowdhory is really amazing SEO experts.His teaching strategies is awesome.I am his students. I learned SEO from him perfectly.
Abu Shahin
Abu Shahin
Hridoy Chowdury is a Great Man and Best SEO mentor in Bangladesh. Many many love and best wishes for him.
Mujammil Hoque
Mujammil Hoque
Hridoy Chowdhury is the best seo expert in Bangladesh. Love you vai
Moshiur Rahman
Moshiur Rahman
Best SEO expert and the most intelligent mentor in Bangladesh. Where you will get everything needed on your website, his Ranking method and plan is different from other SEO service providers. If you are interested in SEO, there is no need to know anything because he knows your need and solve as accordingly as you face practically in the life of SEO journey.
Afroja jannat
Afroja jannat
Undoubtedly, Hridoy Chowdhury is one of the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh. He is very experienced with his service. Recommending him for the best result on Google ranking.
Abir Hossen Roni
Abir Hossen Roni
Really you are one of the best SEO EXPART in all over the word.Specially in Bangladesh.Love you .

Serve a Global Audience with Effective Multi-Language SEO

The Internet has made the world more open than we could have ever imagined. There is no longer a requirement that you serve your clients in the same nation, and international borders are no longer a barrier to great sales for e-commerce businesses.

You will not be able to reach your true international reach and engagement potential without effective global SEO. However, successful multilingual SEO can be challenging. Fortunately, the Hridoy Chowdhury team has mastered French SEO, Spanish SEO, Russian SEO and a whole lot more. They are willing to use that knowledge to help you expand your brand internationally.

Our Team Of International SEO Experts

Together, as an international team of SEO consultants, we are a collective of linguists who have traveled to more than 50 countries.

Through the experiences and cultural insights of our diverse, globally distributed team, we are able to create international and multilingual campaigns tailored to the needs of the international markets you serve.

Get Started with a Comprehensive International SEO Site and Brand Analysis

An SEO review in more than one language goes beyond our usual, already comprehensive services.
Along with our standard Hridoy Chowdhury global SEO audit, we also help you with the tough questions that are only relevant to international brands, including:

These questions and many more will be answered by your free international SEO audit.

Do SEO Companies Need Special Knowledge to Execute International SEO?

Definitely. A global SEO campaign without extensive knowledge of how to manage the technical and content challenges that going global presents would be nothing short of a waste of time and resources.

What are hreflang tags and canonical tags?

Canonical Tag – Says “I’m the official version of this page so index me.”

Hreflang Tag – Says “I’m the X language and X country version of this page.”

In addition to referencing the page itself, the hreflang tag should also reference its alternate language versions. In addition, the canonical tag should point to the original URL of the alternate language version.

Do URL Structures Matter For International Sites?

There are several URL structures webmasters can use to target a particular country with their websites. The options include using a country code top-level domain (ccTLD), a subdomain, a subdirectory or subfolder, a gTLD with language parameters, or even using a different domain name.

Each URL structure may be interpreted slightly differently by search engines, so each technique has its pros and cons – including the resources needed to implement and maintain them. If you’re not sure what structure will work for you, it’s worth learning more about each option.

Hridoy Chowdhury provides international SEO, based in London, and serviced globally, to agencies in order to promote their international reach.

Should I Include The Language Of My Pages In The HTML Code?

It is ideal to add the language as an addition to the tag since it relates specifically to Bing and Baidu. When you are signaling content in various languages or local variations to Google or Yandex, use the ‘alternate hreflang’ links.

Is Adapting Your Site's Ergonomics For Mobile Important?

Absolutely! In Japan and the United States, mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches. It is a priority to optimize the user experience on mobile, and responsive pages rank higher in search results.


What are Some Alternatives to Google?

Google is the world’s leading search engine without a doubt. Google is a force to be reckoned with thanks to its powerful algorithms, dominant advertising platform, and personalized user experience. However, some feel that all of that comes at a price. It’s no secret that the Big G catalogs and tracks its users’ browsing habits, and then shares that information with third parties.

To find just what they are looking for online, users can make use of a variety of ‘alternatives’. Some, such as Bing and DuckDuckGo, are general search engines. Some of them, such as SocialMention (for searching social media mentions) or Crunchbase (for searching businesses and companies), are specialist search engines. You can also use platforms that you might not think of as search engines, such as YouTube, Twitter, or Pinterest, to find what you are looking for.

There are regional preferences among search engine users as well. Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia. Yahoo! still dominates the Japanese market. Baidu is almost universally used in China. So, if users are willing to put in some extra effort, then they don’t have to limit themselves to Google.

What is global SEO?

A Global SEO agency provides SEO services that allow you to focus on global traffic rather than local traffic. As long as the scope of the work is meant to bring qualified traffic from anywhere in the world, global SEO services may also be referred to as international SEO services.
We are a global SEO company that helps you rank on page 1!

How does international SEO work?

An international SEO agency can target any country you may be able to work with by partnering with you. To expand your current client base, you need to generate as much traffic as possible.

A great deal of skill is required to execute international SEO. Hridoy Chowdhury is an international SEO agency that businesses in London and around the world can trust to improve their search engine rankings.

How do I optimize for international SEO?

It can be challenging to optimize your site for international SEO, or even overwhelming if you want to target a great deal of countries and languages. You should have dedicated URLs and pages translated into the appropriate language, and your keywords should be focused on each country.

Hridoy Chowdhury provides bespoke services as an international SEO agency. Contact us today to speak with an international SEO consultant.


How do you do Multilingual SEO?

Performing multilingual SEO follows a similar path as international SEO, but it focuses on language first. When you approach multilingual SEO, it usually means you work with a multilingual SEO agency and translate all your pages first, then go through and add keywords as needed for each page. The goal is still to bring in clients from different countries.

Why is international SEO important?

SEO is important for ensuring your website gets more visibility outside of local searches. The increase in visibility for you from a global perspective should result in more sales and calls. To ensure your international SEO checklist is completed, it is important to contact an international SEO company, such as Hridoy Chowdhury.

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What is Multilingual SEO?

A multilingual SEO strategy is an approach to SEO that seeks to translate your current web pages into other languages in order to gain traction on a global scale. In other words, if you have an English site, if you want to target Spain or France, you would translate your webpage and create multilingual URLs for Spain and France respectively.

Ready to discover your business’ international potential?

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International SEO FAQs

The best way to get noticed by search engines is to have an SEO strategy for your English website. If you are localizing your website into multiple languages but do not have an international SEO strategy, you are missing a big opportunity to reach your target foreign language audiences.

It is more convenient for people to browse the web in their own language. Understanding how they search – what terms (keywords) they enter into search engines – as well as optimizing your multilingual websites is one of the fundamental components of global SEO.

Hridoy Chowdhury is an international search engine optimization company that can help you gain global visibility online.

Increasing search engine traffic and increasing global brand recognition are possible with an international SEO strategy.

Hridoy Chowdhury provides bespoke international SEO, London based and globally distributed, for you to achieve first page rankings.

It would be very nice – and much easier – if one SEO strategy could be used to maximize a company’s search presence across multiple countries, but it is very seldom the case.

International SEO strategies are not easy to develop. There is no one size fits all plan that can be followed, as it involves both onsite and offsite factors.

Prior to even thinking about your SEO position, you should make a thorough analysis of the country or countries you are planning to target. Consider how your product or service fits into this market. Culture, language, and local tastes and preferences are also very important considerations.

There are even more logistics to consider before you launch sales options in another country, such as payment methods (the more payment options you accept, the higher the chances of conversion), exchange rates (it is always best to display prices in the local currency) and even international legislation in terms of exportations and product sales.

Answers to this question will vary from business to business. The challenge of serving content in different languages is the biggest challenge faced by some organizations. In other cases, it involves determining which search engine they want to rank highest on, and developing a strategy to do so that is often quite different from the ‘standard’ Google SEO methodology.

Some people think it’s enough to just include the keywords, but that’s not enough. In order to translate the keywords, linguists who are trained in SEO research the terms in the target languages using the English keywords.

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