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You’ll receive an in-depth report that highlights the issues that are causing you to lose traffic and conversions

During our 120-point, bespoke website audit, we examine your entire website code, technical configuration, content, ranking performance, site speed, and backlinks. Our hand-compiled report highlights your issues and our recommendations.

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The company has been auditing websites since 2002, and we specialize in website audits. With our expertise in website analysis, we know the key areas that prevent them from ranking well and converting.

Using our website audit service will help you identify the areas holding your website back. Give us a call if you would like to discuss your needs.


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We discuss your objectives and any current concerns. A total of 120 factors are then manually tested, covering every aspect of your website. Using our expert analysis, in-house scripts, and cutting-edge tools, we identify problems with your website. Our team then prioritizes your issues and compiles the results into an actionable report.

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The audit is not run automatically, then we apply our logo and send it to you with a covering email. We don’t compete with free audits. Even though a free SEO audit sounds appealing, you ultimately get what you pay for. Almost all free SEO audits present misleading advice that rarely relates to specific issues on your website.


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bhuiyan Ezaz
bhuiyan Ezaz
Hridoy Chowdhory is really amazing SEO experts.His teaching strategies is awesome.I am his students. I learned SEO from him perfectly.
Abu Shahin
Abu Shahin
Hridoy Chowdury is a Great Man and Best SEO mentor in Bangladesh. Many many love and best wishes for him.
Mujammil Hoque
Mujammil Hoque
Hridoy Chowdhury is the best seo expert in Bangladesh. Love you vai
Moshiur Rahman
Moshiur Rahman
Best SEO expert and the most intelligent mentor in Bangladesh. Where you will get everything needed on your website, his Ranking method and plan is different from other SEO service providers. If you are interested in SEO, there is no need to know anything because he knows your need and solve as accordingly as you face practically in the life of SEO journey.
Afroja jannat
Afroja jannat
Undoubtedly, Hridoy Chowdhury is one of the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh. He is very experienced with his service. Recommending him for the best result on Google ranking.
Abir Hossen Roni
Abir Hossen Roni
Really you are one of the best SEO EXPART in all over the word.Specially in Bangladesh.Love you .

No matter what you do, whether you're the CEO or the marketing manager, Our audits will help you improve the performance of your website

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Our full website audit includes the following:

Page Speed

When it comes to user experience, website speed is an important ranking factor. Users dislike waiting, and unnecessarily long load times have a detrimental effect on user engagement. Testing your website’s load times and proposing ways to improve them is part of the service.

Technical Configuration

A total of 75-factors are checked manually to ensure your website is in good working order. We can help you with structured data, sitemaps, meta directives, and response codes.

Mobile Optimisation

Now it is not only important to have a mobile-responsive website, it is critical. Using mobile-first indexing, Google decides where to show your website’s search results depending on how fast and responsive it is on mobile devices. We test your mobile responsiveness.

Keyword Analysis

Your keyword rankings will be determined and we’ll show you where you rank on Google. With this research, we will identify keyword opportunities where you can improve your ranking and increase sales.

Content Healthcheck

Does each of your on-page elements such as titles, meta tags, H1s, and focus keywords work together or against each other?Duplicate Content, meta descriptions, anchor text, and internal links all affect your ranking and engagement.

Visitor Engagement

A search engine such as Google measures how visitors engage with your website and rewards those that provide a better user experience by ranking them higher. Making sure your website’s visitors stick around pays off.

Backlink Audit

Backlinks are an important ranking factor, but they can also be detrimental to your ranking. You can be blacklisted by your competitors simply by adding your website to link farms. Our team makes sure your site does not fall into this category.

User Experience

It is important to focus on the user experience. Product descriptions improve visibility, font sizes affect bounce rates, and calls-to-action increase conversions. Our team will provide you with unbiased feedback on any areas where your UX can be improved.

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