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BigCommerce is a popular e-commerce solution for many businesses because it makes building a professional-looking store simple. Having good SEO and ranking high in the search engine results is one thing, but building a store is another. We can optimize your BigCommerce store to its maximum potential using our SEO experts.

Strong Bigcommerce Growth Requires Steady Traffic And Repeat Sales

We can assist you with that.

What are the benefits of optimizing your Bigcommerce store for SEO?

It is possible to rank higher, gain more traffic, and, most importantly, increase conversions and sales.

How Will We Get Your Bigcommerce Store Ranking?

We are very serious about your BigCommerce store. Following are the various aspects we will be focusing on as we optimize your store’s SEO:


Security is one of the most important things you need for your store. The latest security certificates will be provided for your store. HTTPS is preferred by search engines.


Our goal is not only to drive new traffic, but also to leverage your current traffic. In order to assess your sales funnel, we use a combination of tools like Google Analytics and techniques.

Google Search Console

We'll register your website with Google Search Console so that the search engine crawls your pages and displays them in results.

Category Optimisation

The store places products strategically to maximize the browsing experience & sales. If you have an eCommerce store, we'll essentially do the digital equivalent.

Some Of Our Clients

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What's Our Bigcommerce SEO Process?

There is a common misconception that all we do is plug in some data and then leave it at that. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a BigCommerce SEO company, we take the time to make sure all aspects of your BigCommerce store are considered during our SEO process. Our Bigcommerce SEO services take the time to research your target market, your growth plans, and how we can help you achieve your goals.

The best BigCommerce SEO strategy always involves:

Conducting keyword research based on data

Optimizing your BigCommerce setup

Local SEO can improve your website authority if you also have a physical store.
Keeping track of and reporting on campaigns


Growing Your Online Store With Bigcommerce SEO

The goal of hiring a BigCommerce SEO expert is to improve sales by ensuring that the search engines are able to parse and interpret your products easily and identify and fix underlying issues like duplicate content and optimize your sales funnel.

Do you need another reason? Additionally, it will identify missed opportunities and make sure your copy is optimized properly.

Get More Conversions And Sales!

Our team of highly qualified SEO experts has years of experience in BigCommerce SEO! We may be able to help you boost your sales and achieve your digital growth goals by designing and implementing the best BigCommerce SEO services for your online store.

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Why Should You Hire A Weebly Expert?

Weebly is quite arguably the easiest website builder to use, as it is used by millions of businesses to build their websites. Weebly SEO is definitely something worth considering when thinking about your site, so consider hiring an experienced Weebly expert to optimize the site using some of the best SEO practices.

Hridoy Chowdhury offers Weebly SEO services that are bespoke and help sites succeed.

Shopify Mobile Performance

Hire A Weebly SEO Agency

We don’t just dominate WordPress SEO, we dominate SEO for Weebly sites as well. Our team is made up of highly qualified SEO experts with a track record of getting Weebly sites ranked!

Do you use a different content management system? There’s no problem – we optimize all platforms! Get in touch with us and find out how we can create a strategy that’s specifically tailored to your company.

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We can create the perfect strategy for your business with an experienced BigCommerce SEO expert!


Is BigCommerce good for SEO?

SEO is good for BigCommerce. BigCommerce has all the features required for executing a successful SEO strategy, plus the ability to make additional changes if necessary. In addition to BigCommerce’s customizability, an SEO agency can help you ensure your SEO plan is sustainable and executed correctly.

How does Google Search Console help my BigCommerce store?

Your BigCommerce store should be indexed as a first step to improving its search engine rankings. This can be accomplished by creating a sitemap for your website.

A sitemap is simply an XML file that contains all of your website’s links.

Your sitemap and website must then be submitted to Google’s Search Console; this allows Google to crawl your content faster in the future.

How can I make my BigCommerce store site faster?

It is smart to keep page speed in mind for your store to maintain good SEO rankings. You don’t have many choices when it comes to reducing page speed with Bigcommerce: rather than using your own hosting and coding your own template, you have to use Bigcommerce servers and templates (which, while perfectly adequate, do not allow you fine-grain control).

How Do I Know If My Website Is SEO Friendly?

You can find out with Google. Google Search Console will notify you of any serious issues as long as you have it enabled for your website (which is a must anyway). To do an immediate test, however, to find the smaller things that will improve your website’s SERP positioning, visit Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool. The tool will give you a basic score for your URL, and then you can go to GSC to get a full report, which will include suggestions for improvement.

Should I Include Reviews on My BigCommerce Website? Will That Help Boost SEO?

Consumers increasingly rely on online reviews to make purchasing decisions based on research studies. If consumers see positive reviews on your website, that is almost certainly going to boost their confidence in buying from you.

The impact of reviews on SEO is less clear, as Google is not very forthcoming about whether they affect rankings. Nevertheless, numerous studies have demonstrated a correlation between displaying reviews and increased organic traffic to an eCommerce site.

Yotpo conducted a study on more than 30,000 businesses that implemented reviews on their eCommerce sites, and found that organic traffic to these websites increased by as much as 30% within nine months of implementing the reviews.


Why should I optimize my page titles?

A web page’s title is one of the most significant elements – search engines use it as a key piece of information when categorizing and ranking your website, and your title will appear as the largest component of a search result (as well as at the top of browser windows).

Make sure that your BigCommerce post and page titles are never vague in nature. In addition, they should ideally include your ‘focus keyword’ – the phrase you want to rank for.

Is my BigCommerce store mobile-friendly?

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is an excellent way to determine whether your site is mobile-friendly. Sites that cater to mobile users tend to rank higher in search results, so this is a great opportunity to rank higher.

Should I use social sharing in my BigCommerce SEO?

Your store’s inbound links may increase as a result of social sharing. Be aware, however, that most social media platforms do not follow backlinks. Someone may share a link they found on social media when they discover something. This can not only increase the number of inbound links to your site – improving your credibility – but it can also show just how popular your content is as well.

Should I feature video in my BigCommerce SEO?

You can boost your chances of getting a front-page Google result by 53 times by incorporating a video. Videos also make it 41% more likely that someone will click through and up to 85% more likely that they will buy because people love videos. Simply show off your product and how it works, just like you would if you were selling it in person.

BigCommerce SEO FAQs

In order to make sure you achieve and maintain good search engine rankings within the SERPs, BigCommerce SEO optimizes certain points on and off page of your website. Optimizing images, titles, keywords, and more is key to achieving great results. We are a BigCommerce SEO agency that can help you get the best of the best.

BigCommerce stores often struggle with creating unique and engaging product descriptions. E-commerce stores often copy product descriptions from the manufacturer, so virtually every store that sells those kinds of products uses the same descriptions. The chances are excellent that Google will not rank your copy since it can only rank copy for one site.

SEO campaigns for e-commerce ensure that unique product descriptions are created over time in order to avoid duplicating content on all product and category pages. It is extra work and perhaps even extra expense for e-commerce site owners, but it is the only way a product’s page will ever be able to rank well in search engine results.

A multipoint checklist must be followed to ensure no stone is left unturned when optimizing SEO for BigCommerce sites. Typically, a BigCommerce SEO consultant will tell you to register with Google Search Console, to make sure headings and titles are correct, and to make sure your URLs are user and bot friendly. You can rely on our BigCommerce SEO experts to help guide you through all the points that need to be changed during an audit and campaign with us.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and it adds another layer of security to your site. SSL certificates provide this security, and they’re easy to get. As part of all Bigcommerce plans, Encryption Everywhere is included as a standard website security product, or you can purchase an advanced certificate or install your own third-party version.

As a result, this is important since search engines, especially Google, tend to favor secure sites over insecure ones in their results.

Keywords should never be overused on your BigCommerce website, since doing so can do far more harm than good for your SEO. However, you should use them sparingly in product descriptions and other text on the site. For your business to succeed, you must conduct keyword research to find out what keywords consumers are using to search for products like yours. It is therefore a good idea to hire BigCommerce SEO experts to help you with your site.

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