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Are you looking for WordPress  SEO Consultant services? Does your website not appear in the top 10 search results on Google? You’ve installed Yoast and Rank Math, but no results have appeared?

Getting your website ranked prominently in search engines like Google requires the help of a WordPress SEO specialist.

Since its launch to the marketplace in the late 2000s, I have been providing SEO services and optimizing websites.

It’s no surprise there are so many “SEO” plugins for WordPress, as it’s one of the most popular content management systems on the internet.
YOAST SEO for WordPress, RankMath and All In One SEO are the most popular SEO plugins for one of the most popular content management systems in the world.

Is an SEO plugin sufficient on its own?

As of now, SEO plugins only help with setting basic crawling functionality, keywords, titles and meta, as well as providing the ability to customize what search engines can crawl.
I am a WordPress SEO consultant who can help you drive strong ranking growth if your WordPress website isn’t ranking.


Get High Authority Plan Will Make By Top Notch SEO Expert

During my time working with Bulkco, I helped them drive organic traffic growth of over 300%.

Stage 1: Website SEO Audit for Bulkco

During the first phase of the WordPress SEO campaign, I conducted a comprehensive on-site audit, checking landing pages, WP configuration, WooCommerce setup and highlighting and fixing all technical SEO issues.

Stage 2: WordPress Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

We put together a strategy to implement the findings of Google Search Console analysis after the audit was complete and technical SEO issues were resolved.

Stage 3: On Page Optimisation

As part of the strategy, the website was optimized page by page, undergoing content revamps, heading configurations, internal linking, and improved SEO scores. A highly relevant experience for target visitors was offered by optimizing titles, descriptions, headings, URLS, and content.

Stage 4: Off Page Optimisation

Bulkco’s off-page optimization campaign had begun after the on-page SEO had been completed. Our goal was to drive new links to the domain on a limited budget. In general, the goal was to strengthen the profile of the domain and brand.

The traffic and rankings I delivered over the course of 8 months were SUBSTANTIAL.

WordPress SEO Services

The only real difference between optimizing a WordPress website and optimizing most other websites is the CMS (how the website is managed). One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is that it provides businesses with an easy, quick, and convenient platform to build websites.

In response to the surge in demand, more and more businesses are focusing on increasing website traffic to sell more products, generate more leads, engage more website visitors, etc. Considering that, there has been a significant increase in demand for SEO services.

We can manage your website’s SEO and digital marketing strategy if you’re looking for an SEO specialist. Over 21 years of experience working with content management systems and increasing ranking in search engines.

I am here to provide a one-stop shop for all CMS-based SEO needs, as every CMS presents different challenges, as does every website theme and configuration.

The following are some of the most common WordPress SEO services:

  • Keyword research and optimization of pages
  • Descriptions and titles can be customized
  • The use of page headings needs to be improved
  • Incorporating semantic keywords into content and improving keyword coverage
  • Structure of URLs should be improved
  • Canonicalization / cannibalization prevention
  • Analyzing SEO at the page level
  • Researching keywords
  • WordPress theme optimization
  • The optimization of content
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup
  • Optimization of images
  • Optimization of page speed
  • The Schema
  • Crawling management
  • Linking between internal resources
  • The navigation
  • The configuration of SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO Configuration and Rank Math Configuration


And many more.

SEO Plugin Configuration

There are many WordPress SEO plugins available, each with its own pros and cons. WordPress SEO plugin configuration involves setting up all the settings that will make your website perform optimally.

I configure and optimize hundreds of SEO plugins for WordPress, including Yoast, All In One, and Rank Math.

It includes everything from installing the plugin to configuring titles, descriptions, page level keywords, headings, content, internal links, sitemaps, and canonical tags.

As a WordPress plugin specialist, I will configure your plugins in such a way that your site will achieve the best possible ranking for relevance, performance, and value for website visitors.

I will generally follow the following steps whenever I optimize a website, because every website is unique. Generally, I will:

  • Assess the content, target audience, theme, and configuration of your website
  • To make your WordPress installation SEO friendly, I will recommend the best SEO plugin for your website
  • The plugins should be installed and configured to ensure they are working, connected, up-to-date, and pulling in data.
  • The search console needs to be set up
  • Sitemap configuration
  • Additional site-specific tags can be configured, such as robots.txt and HREFLANG (foreign versions of your site).

With my highly experienced SEO services and as a wordpress SEO Consultant, I can optimize your website without you having to worry about the technicalities. Unlike some SEO experts, I optimize based on what the search marketplace indexes require, whether or not it remains plugin-compliant.

WordPress Search Engine Optimisation

Shopify Website Performance

While I typically use plugins to optimize your pages and posts, I also run your WordPress website through a number of third party tools to assess quality, relevance, content performance, and other key factors that can impact organic search results.

In general, WordPress SEO consists of:

  • Analyzing the target audience, design, and setup of the current website
  • The basic WordPress SEO configuration, including sitemaps, robots.txt, crawl directives, tags, and more
  • Yoast or Rank Math search engine optimisation plugins can be installed
  • By configuring the plugin’s master settings, you can block default URLs, categories, and other WordPress configurations
  • Ensure only value-added content / pages and media are indexed
  • Analysis of interest topics and keyword research
  • Defining target keywords page by page
  • Page by page preparation of a content brief to improve content relevance for searchers (known as intent)
  • Optimization of content
  • Accessing Google Search Console or setting it up
  • To increase content relevance scores in InLinks and Surfer SEO, new content is implemented page by page
  • Ranking factors should be improved in general
  • Optimizing SEO efforts by properly structuring content and using the correct headings
  • Image optimization
  • Testing SEO onwards


The following are some of the most common SEO factors for WordPress SEO campaigns:

Process of Right Keyword Research Strategy

It would be impossible to carry out a successful WordPress SEO campaign without conducting detailed keyword research from the start. Making sure there is sufficient market insight is also crucial when deciding what keywords to assign to pages on your WordPress site.

When it comes to selecting the right core keywords and long-tail keywords for your website, I prefer to get aggregated data from tools such as Google Search Console – which is generally a treasure trove of useful info.

Some WordPress SEO plugins can pull keyword data from third party sources like Google Ads, UberSuggest, SEMRUSH, and AHREFS, whereas other keyword research methods rely more on manual approaches like exporting competitor keyword data, using Google autocomplete, etc.

Shopify Mobile Performance
Worldwide Shopify SEO

WordPress On-Site SEO implementation

WordPress On Site SEO focuses on improving the construction of your website’s theme to improve organic performance. On site SEO generally includes the following elements as part of a strategy:

  • WP installation check
  • The installation of SEO plugins
  • Setting up titles, descriptions, and meta descriptions
  • Cannibalization, canonicalisation, and setting canonical tags
  • Irrelevant WordPress pages are blocked from being indexed
  • The use of keywords in titles, descriptions, headers, and text content should be done in the right manner
  • The permalinks and slugs of WordPress should be optimized
  • Creating a WordPress Robots.txt file and a sitemap
  • Make sure your WordPress website loads quickly and meets good core web vital scores
  • Images and alt attributes should be optimized
  • Make sure URLs are consistent (http vs https, www vs non-www)


The purpose of this is to address ALL SEO best practices on your website.

The content production phase will begin once your site is technically sound and there are no underlying WordPress SEO issues.

Content optimization for WordPress

Your website’s technical health, as well as its content quality, determine its search engine rankings. Whatever content you have on your website – from service pages to product pages, from blog posts to homepage content – it will need to be reviewed and optimized manually – something an SEO plugin for WordPress will not be able to do effectively.

In order to improve your Google rankings and search engine marketing efforts, your WordPress pages and posts will need to undergo content optimization to ensure that they use the right keywords and terms, to make sure their coverage and topical authority is sufficient, and to make sure that the content is high quality, well written, and unique.

You’ll receive an SEO content strategy designed to make your website highly useful to your audience when you hire a WordPress SEO Consultant.

Shopify SEO Report
Worldwide Shopify SEO

Content Creation of Premium Quality

Your website’s search engine ranking can be improved by well-written, professional and emotive content.

The following will be included in WordPress SEO and content optimization:

  • Using Google Search Console to assess what content performs well
  • Analyzing impressions and clicks in search console to identify content that does not perform well
  • Analyzing poor performing content with tools such as Surfer and Inlinks using SEO knowledge
  • Getting your WordPress website’s content professionally rewritten
  • The addition of appropriate internal links and metadata
  • Checking for grammar and spelling
  • Checking the sentiment
  • The proofing process


After your website’s content has passed through checks and approval, it will be uploaded and scored to ensure it meets the requirements of content analysis tools.

WordPress Tools & Tags Setup

It is necessary to set up various tags and tools as part of any SEO campaign for WordPress. The most common WordPress requirements are:

  • Installing Google Analytics / Google Analytics 4
  • Installing and setting up Google Tag Manager
  • Setup and installation of Google Ads Conversion Tracking, Google Optimize, and other Google products as required.
  • Google Search Console setup


 The following are other popular SEO tools for WordPress:

  • SEO with HotJar
  • LuckyOrange for SEO
Shopify SEO Details Report

Why Work with Hridoy Chowdhury?

Hridoy Chowdhury has over 20 years’ experience delivering performance search engine optimization campaigns for local businesses. We help brands build trust by generating more social media awareness. Hridoy is your go-to SEO specialist, whether you need an SEO specialist for Small Business or a Local SEO specialist in London.

You can reap all the benefits of an organic specialist without the high costs associated with digital marketing.


Let’s conduct a marketplace visibility & performance audit & I’ll send you a video overview of what I can do for you & your business


Client Testimonials

bhuiyan Ezaz
bhuiyan Ezaz
Hridoy Chowdhory is really amazing SEO experts.His teaching strategies is awesome.I am his students. I learned SEO from him perfectly.
Abu Shahin
Abu Shahin
Hridoy Chowdury is a Great Man and Best SEO mentor in Bangladesh. Many many love and best wishes for him.
Mujammil Hoque
Mujammil Hoque
Hridoy Chowdhury is the best seo expert in Bangladesh. Love you vai
Moshiur Rahman
Moshiur Rahman
Best SEO expert and the most intelligent mentor in Bangladesh. Where you will get everything needed on your website, his Ranking method and plan is different from other SEO service providers. If you are interested in SEO, there is no need to know anything because he knows your need and solve as accordingly as you face practically in the life of SEO journey.
Afroja jannat
Afroja jannat
Undoubtedly, Hridoy Chowdhury is one of the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh. He is very experienced with his service. Recommending him for the best result on Google ranking.
Abir Hossen Roni
Abir Hossen Roni
Really you are one of the best SEO EXPART in all over the word.Specially in Bangladesh.Love you .

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