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Our Wix SEO Services Are Designed To Deliver Results

You want more visibility as a Wix user. We’ve designed our service to help you get it. We’ll make sure your site is optimized for all the ranking factors. The services we offer include but are not limited to:


As a full-service SEO company, we will leverage our resources and expertise to boost your Google ranking.


Keyword research aims to determine which keywords your site should try to rank for in search engines and which ones to target right away.


Our team will ensure that your visitors have a great experience, no matter what device they're using.


A Your organic search rankings will be affected indirectly by a slow-loading website, which will increase your bounce rate.

Mobile Optimization

By using proven strategies for mobile search engine optimization, our team can help you achieve the top search engine rankings.

Off-Page Optimization

In order to improve your search engine rankings, we'll build links to your website and increase mentions of it across the web.

Titles/Meta Improvements

Both meta titles and descriptions are important for optimizing a website's on-page SEO. A keyword-optimized title and description will be provided on each page.

Content Review

We will analyze the content on each page of your Wix website and determine if there is anything we can do to improve it. We will make small tweaks to keywords and structure.

Site Architecture

How well does your website flow? Could a visitor easily find what he or she is looking for? Do you have any hidden pages or errors in your sitemap?

Some Of Our Clients

A Wix SEO Service That Doubles Organic Traffic In 3 Months

The majority of Wix users believe that once they have installed Wix SEO Wiz, they are done.

Wix Wiz is useful when installed and optimized correctly.

When it comes to SEO for WIX websites, it is important to take a well-rounded approach .

Because of this, we’ve developed a comprehensive, results-driven process for optimizing our clients’ websites.

Why Should You Hire A Wix Whizz?

You can use the Wix SEO Wiz tool to optimize your on-page SEO.

As it only focuses on basic ranking factors, you shouldn’t rely on it entirely to manage your SEO strategy.

You should use other tools if you’re serious about SEO.

You can climb the rankings and increase your traffic if you hire an experienced Wix SEO specialist.

Hire A Wix SEO Agency

When it comes to WIX and SEO, we are the experts. Getting WIX websites ranked higher is what we do! Our team of Wix SEO specialists has ranked several sites higher!

If We optimize all platforms, no matter what content management system you use! Let’s talk about how we can create an SEO strategy for Wix that makes sense for your business.

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bhuiyan Ezaz
bhuiyan Ezaz
Hridoy Chowdhory is really amazing SEO experts.His teaching strategies is awesome.I am his students. I learned SEO from him perfectly.
Abu Shahin
Abu Shahin
Hridoy Chowdury is a Great Man and Best SEO mentor in Bangladesh. Many many love and best wishes for him.
Mujammil Hoque
Mujammil Hoque
Hridoy Chowdhury is the best seo expert in Bangladesh. Love you vai
Moshiur Rahman
Moshiur Rahman
Best SEO expert and the most intelligent mentor in Bangladesh. Where you will get everything needed on your website, his Ranking method and plan is different from other SEO service providers. If you are interested in SEO, there is no need to know anything because he knows your need and solve as accordingly as you face practically in the life of SEO journey.
Afroja jannat
Afroja jannat
Undoubtedly, Hridoy Chowdhury is one of the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh. He is very experienced with his service. Recommending him for the best result on Google ranking.
Abir Hossen Roni
Abir Hossen Roni
Really you are one of the best SEO EXPART in all over the word.Specially in Bangladesh.Love you .

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Does WIX offer “Technical SEO” ?

Yes, most definitely!

Wix Offers:

  • Open Graph tags for social sharing (at least in regards to setting the shared image…)
  • 301 redirection
  • Tags with noindex
  • Header tags (allowing you to embed the Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics code, etc.)
  • The XML sitemap
  • CDN
  • Implementation of the Schema.org schema

How do I add SEO to Wix?

With Wix, adding SEO can be a simple process if you know what you’re doing. The Wix SEO Wiz is a good starting point for your SEO journey. It is important to focus on your keywords and to use the correct headings and URLs as well. Ensure that your sitemap is also submitted.

You can always hire a Wix SEO company like Hridoy Chowdhury to help you with your problems if you are concerned about your SEO on Wix.

Is Wix Good for SEO?

Using Wix for SEO is a good idea. There used to be numerous drawbacks to using Wix as a platform, but these have long gone. Among other things, users can edit the alt image text and customize the URLs on Wix. With Wix, previously these options weren’t available, making it hard to achieve excellent SEO.

Personalized Wix SEO services are offered by Hridoy Chowdhury to help you achieve top rankings for your website.

What are Weebly pricing options?

Weebly’s biggest benefit is that you can get started for FREE. In addition, you receive some storage space for free when you set up a simple website.
Alternatively, if you’d like to connect your own domain, remove Weebly branding, or add additional features, you can purchase one of their affordable monthly plans, ranging from $5, $12, or $25.

Is WIX SEO Friendly?

Over the last couple of years, Wix has worked hard to catch up with rivals WordPress and Weebly. Currently, it boasts a wide range of SEO features that are practical and easy to use.

There are other website builders with stronger advanced features, but Wix is a good choice for small businesses, blogs, and personal websites. It is possible to conduct Wix website SEO. It can be very successful if done well.

What are WIX Tags?

You must also include tags in your WIX content in addition to keywords. A tag is a word or short phrase, also called metadata, that is attached to your item.

Meta descriptions are used by Google bots as a way to log a more in-depth understanding of your content.

Do Custom URLS Matter?

Yes, without a doubt!

We understand the importance of custom URLs for branding. Having a branded URL gives your business an identity on the internet and shows professionalism.

We recommend that you use your own custom domain even if you can use a Wix URL for your website.

Does WIX Support Subheadings?

Yes and No.

H1-H6 can be used on pages, but only H1-H2 on blog posts.
If you intend to rank with long-form content, it should be the other way around.

To figure out your subheading, you may want to contact an SEO company that works with Wix … like Hridoy Chowdhury.

Can You Add Multiple Locations to Wix SEO Wiz?

At this time, it is not possible to add more than one location to SEO Wiz.

If you own an international business with locations in multiple countries, do not add the location to SEO Wiz.

Consider creating a separate page for each additional location and optimizing the page’s keywords for SEO.

Wix SEO: What Does WIX Support?

The following is what Wix said about their built-in SEO support:

  • Meta tags for a page
  • Slugs (URLs) that can be customized
  • The ALT text for an image
  • The optimization of mobile devices


The process of improving your Wix SEO can be simple if you know what you are doing. Make any necessary changes to your site’s structure and content to make it more user-friendly. You may also have to build links and post more regularly. However, no two sites are the same.

SEO tools are available on Wix. You can use Wix SEO Wiz as one of the top tools for SEO on Wix sites. Because it scans all aspects of SEO for your website, this tool allows you to focus on your content. Besides Wix, there are plenty of other tools you can purchase and integrate with your website.

Definitely. Together with your WIX tags, targeting the right keywords will ensure that your items are found by people who are looking for what you have to offer. One of the most important elements of WIX SEO is effective keyword research.

Search engine friendly sites are available on Wix. However, it can take up to 3 months for your site to appear in search engine results after it has been crawled.

If you need help with your Wix SEO, give our experts a call to learn more about our Wix SEO services.

There are several items that should be included in your SEO checklist when optimizing SEO on Wix. To do this, you need to ensure your URLs are friendly, that your headings are relevant, that your keywords are appropriate, and so on. Hridoy Chowdhury is more than happy to help you optimize SEO for your Wix site. Contact us today to speak to a Wix SEO specialist.

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